National Seed QualityServices Division

  1.   Application for Accreditation of Seed Grower/Producer
  2.   Application for Seed Certification
  3.   Application for Seed Testing
  4.   Application for Plant Material Certification of Asexually Propagated Seedling
  5.   Application for Plant Material Certification of Trees
  6.   Application for Plant Nursery Accreditation
  7.   Application for Plant Tissue Culture Facility Accreditation

Plant Production Safety Services Division 

  1.   Application for Laboratory Accreditation
  2.   Application for Laboratory Analysis
  3.   Application for Cold Storage Warehouse (CSW) Accreditation
  4.   Application for PhilGAP Certification 
  5.   Application for Licensing of Food Business Operator (FBOs)
  6.   Application for Registration of FBO-Designated Food Safety Compliance Officer (FSCO)

Crop Pest Management Division

  1.   Plant Pest Diagnosis

Crop Research and Production Support Division

  1.   Plant Identification and Certification
  2.   Distribution and Sale of Vegetable Seeds and Planting Material

National Seed Industry Council / Plant Variety Protection Office

  1.   Application for Crop Variety Registration
  2.   Application for Plant Variety Protection

National Plant Quarantine Services Division

  1.   Licensing of Importers
  2.   Application for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Import Clearance (SPSIC)
  3.   Application for Registration of Farm/Growers
  4.   Application for License to Export of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
  5.   Application for License to Operate - Quarantine Treatment Provider
  6.   Application and Issuance of Phytosanitary Certificate
  7.   Issuance of Clearance for Domestic Transport
  8.   Application for License to Operate of Packing Facility for Fruits and Vegetables

Biotechnology Office

  1.   Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Direct Use as Food and Feed, or for Processing
  2.   Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Commercial Propagation
  3.   Application for Issuance of Biosafety Permit for Field Trial
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