BPI - La Granja National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center


The La Granja National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center (LGNCRDPSC) is one of the five agricultural centers of the Bureau of Plant Industry situated in Barangay La Granja, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental. It modestly began under the name La Granja Modelo, meaning model farm which was then run by the early Spanish settlers until 1896. In 1902, the model farm was relinquished to the Bureau of Agriculture. Then from March 1939 to November 30, 1940, it was turned over to the Agricultural Service, Inc. On December 1, 1940 the Sugar Quota Administration took over its operation until March 30, 1942 and was known as the National Sugarcane Experiment Station.

On March 26, 1946, after World War II under the name La Granja Experiment Station, the place was officially opened for public service under the Bureau of Plant Industry. In 1978, when the consortium, La Granja Agricultural Research Center (LGARC now LGARDC) was established, the station became a member agency and shared the facilities with other member agencies like the SRA, BAI, UPLBCARTS and PCARRD. The latter blazed the trail for providing the infrastructures and other facilities of the consortium. In 1989, Executive Order No. 116 reorganized the Department of Agriculture. The Bureau of Plant Industry retained the station, making it one of its National Crop Centers, hence the name La Granja National Crop Research and Development Center (LGNCRDC).

Today, LGNCRDC is a member of La Granja Agricultural Research and Development center (LGARDC), a local consortium of five national agencies. It is also a member agency of the Western Visayas Agriculture, Resources Research and Development Consortium (WESVARRDEC), a regional consortium with 28 government and private member agencies.

The Center has been an active partner in countryside development through its research, development and extension endeavors. It has been generated a number of technologies, which are being adopted by farmer-clientele. Among the noteworthy accomplishments were the seven crop varieties (3 yellow, flint, open-pollinated corn; 3 soybean; and 1 sweetpotato) approved by the National Seed Industry Council (NSIC) for commercial production. In addition, NSIC has approved from the Center’s fruit collection, two Bangkok Santol Trees that are known for their superior quality, as parent trees and source of scion for propagation of certified planting materials.

The main programs are research and production, utilizing 15 hectares of its 95 hectares area for research and 40 hectares for production, while buildings, roads and canals occupy 6 hectares; 27 hectares are ravines, creeks and stony areas; squatters occupy the remaining area. Its physical structures include the administration building (shared with SRA and PCC), crop research building, seed house, seed processing plant, plant nursery, satellite seed testing laboratory, service building (also shared with SRA), greenhouses, tissue culture laboratory, agribusiness service center, seed and farm supply storage building, staff cottages, and a dormitory.



Generation of appropriate technologies responsive to crop farming communities and production of high quality basic seeds and planting materials of superior plant varieties toward sustainable agriculture and food sufficiency


Conserve and develop the genetic resources of legumes and other upland crops and ensure the development and protection of high yielding varieties for commercial production


The Center is primarily tasked to generate technologies for field legumes and other upland crops, and to produce high quality seeds and planting materials. It links with other government institutions and the private sector in conducting research and piloting of technologies. Likewise, it provides extension services in the form of lectures/demonstrations, on-the-job trainings, exhibits, farm demos at farmer’s field and conduct of field days.


  • DA-RFU 6
  • La Carlota City College
  • Provincial R, D & E Network
  • PhilRice
  • LSU
  • NAFC
  • PCC
  • BAR
  • LGUs
  • NGOs



  • On-the-job Trainings (plant propagation, tissue culture, crop production of upland crops)
  • Quality Seed Distribution
  • Plant Material Distribution
  • Technical Consultation
  • Lectures
  • Venue for Trainings/Seminars
  • Farm Practice for Agriculture Students
  • Seed Analysis
  • Techno Demo




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