BPI - Guimaras National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center



The Guimaras National Crop Research, Development, and Production Support Center (GNCRDPSC) is one of two agricultural centers of the Bureau of Plant Industry in the Visayas. 





“A vibrant crop farming communities producing globally-competitive mango and other high value crops profitable for the Filipinos” 


“Spearhead in the conservation and development of genetic resources on mango and other high value crops, adoption of cost-effective and environment-friendly technologies and provision of quality planting materials”



  • Generate and develop cost-effective and applicable production technologies to enhance productivity and export quality crops; to include the discipline on plantgenetic resources (PGR), varietal improvement, cultural management, crop protection and postharvest handling.
  • Implement activities to enhance technology promotion and dissemination, technical and material assistance, linkages and manpower capacity building.
  • Production and distribution of quality planting materials from NSIC registered strains of mango and other high value crops.
  • Evaluation of promising mother trees.
  • Conduct survey and evaluation and recommend for accreditation/re-accreditation of potential nursery operators.


  • Technical consultation on mango propagation, production and postharvest handling
  • Technical briefing for educational tours, field visits, lakbay-aral trips or walk-in visitors
  • Farm visit to mango plantations and orchards
  • Pest identification and diagnosis (insect and diseases problems on mango)
  • Materials   assistance (specimens, information, education and communication materials, seedlings)
  • Conduct training, lecture or technology demonstration on mango propagation, production and processing
  • Research adviser or evaluator on studies related to mango
  • On-the-Job training or farm practice (college or highschool) on mango production and processing
  • Fruit maturity evaluation (mango)
  • Sales and distribution of quality planting materials (grafted mango and scions) 
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