BPI Organic Agriculture Program

What is Organic Agriculture?

Organic Agriculture is defined by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) “as a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people”. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic Agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

 What is the role of BPI?

The Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) plays a mandated role in seed development. Republic Act No. 7308 or the “Seed Industry Development Act of 1992” directs BPI to manage production, distribution, regulation of breeder, foundation, and registered seeds including but not limited to the management of the existing research stations and seed farms, seed testing laboratories, and certification services under the self-reliant management scheme. The Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 10068 otherwise known as “Organic Act of 2010” expanded the role of the BPI to work with Philippine Center for Postharvest and Mechanization (PhilMech) to focus its assistance on the development of organic farming systems.

 What did BPI do to strengthening the Organic Seed System?

The BPI invested in certified organic farms producing seeds of cereals, legumes, low-land vegetables and semi-temperate crops. It is has also set-up a certified organic orchard for tropical fruits. Our farms undertake activities on:

  1. Develop technologies suited for organic agriculture requirements.
  2. Produce certified organic seeds and planting materials.
  3. Produce Biological Control Agents
  4. Offer training on organic seed production for organized farmer groups undertaking organic agriculture.  

Rice and corn seeds are mass produced using organic agriculture techniques in partnership with DA Regional Field Offices. This project aims to set-up organic seed farms in each region of the country.

To start, five certified organic rice and corn growers from the private sector were tapped in 2013. Four of the partners did not have any experience in institutional seed production. Hence, they were advised one-on-one. Now, the partners are supplying seeds grown in certified organic agriculture production system. They also created another business enterprise for themselves.Rice and corn seeds are mass produced using organic agriculture techniques in partnership with DA Regional Field Offices. This project aims to set-up organic seed farms in each region of the country. 

As core output, the BPI Organic Program aim to establish an organic seed production network nationwide for cereals, vegetables, legumes and tropical fruits through private-public partnership, technology improvement and dissemination.

What we accomplished so far?

  1. Maintain 11 ha. CERTIFIED organic farms  producing seeds of assorted vegetables, herbs and spices and grains in BPI Research Centers.
  2. Supported production of organic rice and corn seed in 16 sites with an area of 25 ha.
  3. Produced 4.6 MT organic seeds and 10,000 grafted seedlings of tropical fruits produced without synthetic chemicals for 2014.
  4. Produced biological control agents to control severe pest infestation.
  5. Collaborated with the 25 groups from the private and academe in the improvement, production and showcasing of organic seed production technologies.
  6. Developed draft protocol on organic mango production, seed storage of semi-temperate crops (lettuce, pechay etc), and tropical fruits.
  7. Conducted 10 training and briefing to 472 individuals on organic seed and plant material production.

 Organic Rice Seed Production

Organic rice production is currently on-going in the following areas:

For Luzon

  • Kahariam Realty and Farms, Inc.
  • Pecuaria Development Cooperative, Inc.
  • Ramon Magsaysay Center for Agricultural Resource and Environmental Studies

For Visayas

  • Negros Island Initiatives for Rural Development (Formerly Negros Oriental Institute for Rural Development, Inc)

For Mindanao

  • Don Bosco Multi-purpose Cooperative (formerly known as Bios Dynamis)


for Downloads

  • Organic program Milestones
  • Organic Seed Stock Inventory (As of 27 April 2015)      


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