smart greenhouse in the Philippines project


Enhancing productivity and producing high quality tomato through smart greenhouse in the Philippines project (SGPP) launched.

The project aims to 1) enhance production competitiveness of small and mid-sized farmers by establishing greenhouse technology for high-value added agro-product 2) increase farmers' income by enhancing distribution channel related to co-branding and local shipping in the Philippines.

Nine greenhouses have been established in the 3,360sqm project site located at the BPI-Baguio NCRDPSC, where 8 greenhouses are for farmers' education and training while the other one is for research and development.

DA Secretary Emmanuel Pinol called out to farmers, officials and stakeholders to get their acts together and not to take resources for granted. It is high time to prioritize water conservation and management programs in the communities. The SGPP is the best model to address food security as this will produce more food in small areas like the Cordilleras.

The newly inaugurated SGPP in BPI-Baguio is a grant from the Korean Government to the Philippines. This 48-month project costs Php122.29M where 70% share is from KOICA and 30% is from Korean private companies. The project is a symbol of strong partnership between Korea and the Philippines.

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