OIC Director George Y. Culaste of the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) alerts all DA Regional Executive Directors, BPI Centers, National Plant Quarantine Services Division (NPQSD), National Seed Quality Control Services Division (NSQCSD) and Crop Research and Production Support Division (CRPSD) for possible pests to occur during the 2nd quarter of the year to closely monitor the listed areas.

In the result of analysis from the pest reports submitted by the Regions to BPI - Crop Pest Management Division (CPMD), rodent, rice stemborer, rice black bug, rice tungro virus and brown planthopper are among the top pests.

The issued memorandum also includes triggering factors and pest management options.

The possible pests to occur was based on historical data submitted by regions from 1993-2017. Affected areas may vary depending on pest reports submitted by Regions.


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