The Bureau of Plant Industry - Davao National Crop Research, Development and Production Support Center conducted its 2016 Pre-in-house Research and Development Review and Evaluation last May 25, 2016 at the BPI-DNCRDPSC’s Conference Room, Bago Oshiro, Tugbok District, Davao City.  The main purpose of this activity was to review, evaluate and monitor the status and accomplishments of all R & D studies being implemented by DNCRDPSC and  likewise,  recommend strategic measures for the improvement of these studies.

There were twenty-one R & D studies programmed for presentation and evaluation  of which four are completed and  seventeen are on-going.  Among the four completed studies, three were funded by DOST-PCAARRD and one by the BPI’s regular fund.  Out of the twenty-one studies, twenty R & D papers were presented, reviewed and evaluated.  

As per synthesis of the review, two completed studies under the DOST-PCAARRD’s program on S & T Management Approaches against Fusarium Wilt Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense (Foc) on Cavendish in Mindanao entitled “Adaptability Trial of Seven GCTCV Somaclones against Fusarium Wilt” and “Development of Biological Control Strategies against Foc Tropical Race 4 (TR4)” which were presented by Ms. Ma. Adelfa N. Lobres (Agriculturist II) and Ms. Arceli G. Yebes (Agriculturist II), respectively, were elevated to the BPI National In-house R & D Review to be held this  coming June 15, 2016 in Davao City.  Another completed study that was identified to be elevated was the BPI regular funded study on “Screening of Banana and Plantain (Musa spp.) Collections for Fiber Extraction”  which was presented by Ms. Jonalyn A. Pabuaya (Agriculturist II).  Aside from the three completed studies, the on-going study presented by Mr. Virgilio L. Loquias (Supervising Agriculturist) entitled “Flower and Fruit Thinning in Durian”, a component study of the project on “Durian Tree Management for Optimum Production”:  under the Regional Durian R & D Program of DOST-PCAARRD was also identified to have significant findings or relevant information and tree management techniques generated that are worth for dissemination, hence, proposed to be included in the BPI-DNCRDPSC’s R&D papers for presentation in the national R&D review.

DNCRDPSC successfully held its 2016 Pre-in-house R & D Review and Evaluation with the presence of Dr. Virgie P. Ugay, a plant pathologist and faculty-researcher of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) and Dr. Lorna E. Herradura (Center Chief, BPI-DNCRDPSC) as evaluators. (May P. Loquias)


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