To strengthen the organizational capacity of the Bureau of Plan Industry, the Development Academy of the Philippines was commissioned to create an assessment and a 6-year strategic plan of the BPI. The inception meeting was held on May 5 at the Director’s Conference Room, BPI, Malate, Manila with the members of the MANCOM. DAP Director Alvin P. Principe, CFG-Operation Management Office (OMO) and his team, explained the specific objectives of the project:

  1. Surface performance issues and capacity gaps;
  2. Identify opportunities for improvement and priority institutional interventions to address performance gaps identified;
  3. Review Mission and Vision and core values based on the mandate;
  4. Define the strategic objectives that will help achieve the mission and vision;
  5. Identify the set of performance measures and annual targets that will be used as basis for performance monitoring and evaluation;
  6. Determine time-bound programs and projects that will pursue the achievement of identified strategic objectives;
  7. Develop scorecard for each division.   

The module has 3 phases. 1st Phase is the Organizational Performance and Capacity Assessment that involves Stakeholders Consultation Survey. The survey will assess key drivers of client satisfaction and evaluate the agency’s strength, areas for improvement, program expectation and stakeholders’ vision to BPI.  The Philippine Quality Awards (PQA) based self-assessment survey questionnaire for BPI employees will be administered. The instrument to be used will be based on the criteria set by the Philippine Quality Awards, which is the highest award that is given to the government in pursuit of quality management as far as the operation is concerned. There will also be a self- assessment performance excellence workshop. After the assessment there will be site visits too to validate the assessment.

The 2nd Phase is composed of Strategic Plan formulation. A workshop to revisit the Bureau’s mission, vision and core value statement, to formulate strategic objectives, to identify performance measures, to set targets and to outline initiatives and programs will be conducted. Clean up sessions will to finalize the elements of strategic plan and bureau scorecards.

The Final Phase is the formulation of the Scorecard where agency’s strategic plan will be translated into division scorecard. The scorecard will indicate that what is being done in each division is aligned in the strategic plan of the organization. The timeline is basically the entire 2016 and the final output, the strategic action plan will be launched during the 87th Anniversary of the Bureau in January, 2017.  

It is an important milestone that everyone in the Bureau of Plant Industry looks forward to. 


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